“Have you ever met someone who just blows you away with their passion? With the talents, compassion, high energy, professionalism and ability to graciously interact with people? Tonya is just that kind of amazing woman with talents bursting from her every pore and a deep knowing of how to take people to the next level of marketing and promotion through her effective and transformational services. Tonya exemplifies the dynamic combination of heart, spirit, professionalism, business, joy and talent. I highly recommend the work of Tonya Fitzpatrick, Founder of Energetic Marketing Services.” – Rev. Ayanna Mojica, Founder of The Golden Chalice


MelindaTran“Tonya Fitzpatrick has impressed me as a beacon of spirituality, excellence and organization from the moment we met. She has the ability to juggle multiple facets of a business in a joyful and dignified manner, imparting a sense of peace and surety to all who come into her presence. Although I was at the Temple of Light briefly, in that time I saw Tonya oversee multiple facets of a thriving spiritual business while also attending to the needs of every practitioner with care and precision. She knows just the right thing to say and when to say it, and provides invaluable feedback for experienced and new practitioners alike. Tonya brings a breadth of experiences to her management and clearly has the foresight of a visionary and the dedication of a business executive, plus the sensitivity and grace of a highly evolved spiritual soul. I highly recommend Tonya for all of your business and spiritual needs!” – Melinda Tran, Psychic Medium 


jessiechiang_headshot“Tonya has been a great supporter of what I do – a spiritual counselor, medium and a healer. When I first started my spiritual practice, I had a difficult time doing my own copy writing and didn’t quite how I was presenting to my audience. From being a graphic designer to a holistic healing practitioner, and not knowing what my niche was yet, Tonya was able to differentiate me from the group. Tonya, as a great observer as she is, sees my authentic self and my true passion in my services. Through her observation, she helped me compose my short introduction to my work which she put so eloquently and effortlessly. The easy to understand and right to the point description described me so well that I was soon attracting clients to my office without much effort. The practice eventually became a success and I’m off to my next new, bigger venture. Thank you Tonya for giving me the confidence, ideas and support through words that I would otherwise not know how to use!” – Jessie Chiang, Founder of Lumen Spirit Center; Intuitive Counselor, Medium, Pranic Healer



“I have had the privilege of witnessing Tonya in action at the Temple of Light. I seen her successfully communicate, promote, set up workshops, execute partnerships, events and much more with the most wonderful positive attitude, energy and willingness to secure the best outcome for everyone. I have also experienced her proactive guidance to alert of potential opportunities to ensure they do not fall off anyone’s radar. I highly recommend her services to anyone.” – José Castañeda, President & CEO, CastanedaMarketing.com

sun-yoo “Tonya is one of the most heartfelt persons. I have known Tonya for several years as Executive Director of TOL. Through most professional interactions I began to see her kind soul and talents in helping my needs in launching my practice. I am certain she is one of the best persons to fit your needs into expanding your business….beyond.” Gesun “Sun” Yoo, RN, Medical QiGong Instructor, NaturalArtofHealing.com


Elizabeth-Hendershot“Tonya has always been so awesome to work with.Whenever I’ve needed anything she’s always been the consummate professional handling each matter with love and light.” – Elizabeth Hendershot, Pranic Energy Healer, Instructor/Mentor 



Linda-Hodge“You played such a key role in making that a beautiful evening, and I simply wanted to say thank you – for just being YOU. My spirit was lifted, my soul was touched, and my desire is that you would know what an impact I feel you are making by your presence and spirit at The Temple of Light Community. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful event.” – Linda Hodge, PCC, CVCCLife Coach, Certified Coaching Mastery ~ TheChampionsEdge.com


Trav-Williams“Tonya is a joy to work with. Her attention to detail and professional demeanor have made every interaction both positive and productive.” – Trav Williams, Financial Planner, Paradigm Financial Planning



Alec-Marken“Tonya Fitzpatrick is the type of person you feel lucky to work with, and hope to keep collaborating with! She is very smart, resourceful, productive, energetic, refreshing, and she has the most delightful personality on top of all that. Having worked with her to vend my products at Temple Of Light fairs and events, as well coordinating with her to rent out that venue for my Bands & Bellies Peace Concerts, I can say that every single interaction with Tonya has been professional and enjoyable!” Alec Marken, Independent Choffy Distributor, Dancer, Musician, Artist, Entrepreneur, DrinkChoffy.com/LiquidMagic