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TMF 11.3.17

Tonya Fitzpatrick is a health and wellness advocate whose passion is assisting people deal with chronic pain by eliminating toxicity and inflammation.  Tonya also helps other health and wellness practitioners with social media services and networking with events. 

I spent almost 30 years in the corporate world as a business professional.  I started out providing administrative support and worked my way up to National Sales in the corporate Headquarters of an automobile manufacturing company.  I began to feel really burned out in that environment and my health began to suffer. Upon some deep inner reflection, I discovered that I wanted to dedicate my energy to something greater.

I went back to school for a couple of  years and immersed myself in the study of Human Services and obtained a Generalist Certificate.

I then served as the Executive Director of The Temple of Light in Irvine, a Holistic Wellness Center where I organized and managed all the events at the center including monthly Holistic Healing Fairs.  During that time, I was introduced to using essential oils and began to EMPOWER myself to replace many items in our medicine cabinet and learned how we can even use them for emotional wellness as well!  I’m super excited to share how essential oils can support your wellness journey!  They have changed the way we look at wellness.   

For a short time, I served as an Ambassador to the Mission Viejo Holistic Chamber of Commerce, a professional organization representing and supporting holistic professionals, practitioners and businesses that promote healthy living. 

Through the Holistic Chamber of Commerce I was introduced to a cutting edge wellness company called Clar8ty and I got really excited when I started to see the benefits that my friends and family  were having with Calibr8, a nutritional drink mix that activates the body’s ability to produce it’s own PRIMARY antioxidants at the cellular level.  This detoxifies the cells and aids in reducing inflammation, discomfort and promotes overall health and well-being.  I went through a tremendous health transformation and lost 50 pounds!  While Calibr8 is not a weight loss product, it has given me the support I need to overcome my health challenges, eliminate inflammation, reduce cravings and clean up my diet to thrive with good health!

Tonya before and after

I started sleeping better, waking up BEFORE the alarm clock, have more energy, less pain in my low back, neck and hips and just more overall focus and a better outlook.    

Calibr8 & Kids product bags

Gene Level Nutrition

I love my daily Calibr8 and I also take the Calibr8 Kids because I like the added nutrition and that it has even more probiotics which I need for digestive health. 

My husband Brent, has had amazing results with Calibr8 as well!

“I had a problem with my upper arm/bicep area that was in so much pain to the point that I couldn’t lift my arm.  The pain was so bad that I couldn’t even roll myself over in bed without tears.

Brent FItzpatrick OVAL

Brent Fitzpatrick, Manager Trader Joes

“I tried every kind natural method that I could think of, I tried essential oils, wraps, I tried doctors, I tried prescription medication and nothing was working – in fact, it was actually getting worse.

Tonya came to me one day and said “I want you to try this product and see if it does anything for you”.  So, I started taking Calibr8 and a couple of weeks later she asked me, “How is your arm doing?” I attempted to lift my arm and to my amazement, I had about 40-50% more mobility than I have had in over a year!  I couldn’t believe it!   After about 3 weeks of taking Calibr8, I had 75-80% mobility back and had considerably less pain when I would try to go past that point.   

A little over a month after starting the product, I had zero pain and full mobility of my arm.  I was able to lift weights, play tennis and even roll over in bed!  After a couple of months, I realized that my low back problems had gone away and some issues I’d been having with my feet had disappeared. The fact that my job keeps me on my feet 10 hours a day, not having lower back and foot pain, has been wonderful!”

Super excited to report as an update to our Clar8ty story, it has been over 2 years on the product now and we have BOTH come back from the optometrist with improved eyesight!!!!  We are so happy to have found something the reverses the aging process and our medical records prove it!

Cellibr8 photo

Instead of merely hiding the signs and symptoms of age, Cellibr8 targets the source of age related skin conditions at the gene expression level.





When my skin started to sag after all that weight loss, Clar8ty introduced a phenomenal night cream called Cellibr8 that has really improved the texture of my skin and very quickly eliminated some of the loose skin under my chin.  I have even experienced sun spots diminishing at a rapid rate with just using Cellibr8 for a short time.



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I am also passionate about using dōTERRA Essential Oils and my family has been using them for the last 7 years.  I feel it is important to be empowered to be in charge of our own health.  With dōTERRA CPTG “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade” oils, I feel I am able to offer my family a much better alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals.

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