Tonya Fitzpatrick has an extensive background in business administration and event planning.

TMF Clar8ty 3.12.16
For the last 30 years she has been the right hand to successful business owners making herself indispensable and available to accomplish every business goal. From office management to client handling, her expertise is providing a bottom line of total satisfaction.

For three years Tonya served as the Executive Director of a Spiritual Wellness Center where her job was to focus on the success of holistic wellness practitioners. She managed all events at the center including monthly Holistic Healing Fairs. 

Now Tonya assists holistic practitioners with their Social Media needs by providing services like monthly newsletters, flyers for events and social media presence with posting and promoting events and services.  Tonya also serves as an Ambassador to the Mission Viejo Holistic Chamber of Commerce.  The Holistic Chamber is a professional organization representing holistic professionals, practitioners and businesses. We encourage and promote healthy living, and support the professionals and businesses that make it possible.


In the last year Tonya became involved with a Nutritional wellness company called Clar8ty that she is very excited about.  She has had a tremendous health transformation and enjoys sharing about the cutting edge scientific breakthroughs that have made it possible to switch your wellness genes on!   For more information about Clar8ty’s products, visit Tonya’s website.  Clar8ty