TeriLynn CanSEE at Spirit Faire

TeriLynn CanSee

Spirit Faire
Saturday, November 17, 2018
11am – 5pm

Goddess Temple of Orange County
17905 SkyPark Circle, Irvine 92614

(click address for map link)

FREE Admission!

Most Sessions $40 for 20 minutes

Spirit Faire will have OC’s finest healers, readers, intuitive mediums, vendors and the fabulous Quinoa Tamales.

Jewels, potions, lotions, candles and much more! 

Speaker Schedule

12:30 TeriLynn CanSee – “Elements of Astro/Tarot Dance”
1:00 Andrea Natalia – “Shirodhara: Rejuvenating the Nervous System” 
1:30 Leti Stiles – “The Rise of the Feminine 
Venus Cycles and the Shifting of the Moon Nodes”
2:00 Shauna Kossoff – “Max Meditation System”



Teri Lynn Can See Tarot and Astrology
Jeff Mamora Healing
Shauna Kossoff Modern Mystery School
Denise Demurs (Rev Dee) Tarot
Jacob Moore Angel Readings
Jen Pearlman Oracle Card Readings
Susan Putman Angel Readings
Leti Stiles – Tarot and Astrology
Victoria Majewski Psychic, Medium & Healer
Torin Lee – Intuitive, Reiki, Skills Coach



Ruth Anna Abigail -Crystals and Jewel 
Kathleen Abraham – Crystals and Reiki
Jenn Colucci – Crystals, oils, necklaces
Lori Ulloa – Juice Plus
Roxana Levia – Crystals and Quinoa Tamales
Andrea Natalia – Ayruveda
Susan Moralis – Jewelry


Previous clients say:

“An accurate and intuitive reader”

“Wow she has very good insight”

“She CAN in indeed unravel complicated relationships!”

“I now have a much better understanding and a sense of peace.”

“TeriLynn was exceptional! Extremely talented, she picked up on my situation immediately and was extremely accurate…..the best reading I’ve had for sure.”

TeriLynn CanSee is able to unravel your complicated relationship concerns, family, lovers, career, etc. and any other concerns you are experiencing regarding your present life situations.

The insight you will receive will allow you to make an informed decision about your present concerns as well as your future events!

TeriLynn CanSee will give you the assistance, support and guidance to create clarity in your life.  Find out more on her website!


About Teri Lynn

TeriLynn CanSee is an internationally known Psychic, seen on television, Keynote Speaker on metaphysical issues such as, Astrology, Tarot and your Chakra System within various groups. TeriLynn CanSee possesses paranormal talents that are sharp and honed to provide you with the most accurate readings possible. TeriLynn uses Tarot and Astrology as tools to increase her ability to focus her energy on her innate skills of Clairaudience and Clairvoyance.

TeriLynn studied Metaphysics as she worked through life realizing her psychic gift, but choose to pursue the Corporate world first before she took on the Independent Psychic role, Speaker and Instructor role in various venues. TeriLynn has been recognized as the “real stuff” of which 40+ years have played out.

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