Woo Woo Meets Wellness Fair in Anaheim

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BOTI Studios Wellness FAIR

Where Woo Woo Meets Wellness Faire

BOTI Studios, LLC

Saturday, May 19, 2018

10am – 5pm

607 S. Harbor Blvd. Anaheim, CA 92805

(click address for map link)

Admission is FREE

Vendors, Healers, Speakers, Spiritual Advisors and MUCH MORE!

Scroll to the bottom for a list of Healers, Vendors and the Speakers Schedule! 

We will have some spectacular vendors: shiny crystals, oils for aroma therapy & general health, crystal infused water & eclectic one of a kind gifts for you & your friends, plants, food, jewelry, gemstones & explanations from top experts in their field.

Learn some fascinating tips regarding life skills at our 30-minute lectures starting 11am; you’re sure to hear some tidbit of information that may soothe, tickle and add a spark to your life!


TLC Psychic Astrology Tarot BANNER

Be sure to visit TeriLynn CanSee at the Fair!

TeriLynn CanSee is able to unravel your complicated relationship concerns, to include your family, lovers, professional career options plus any other concerns you are experiencing regarding your present life situations.

Her information that you receive will allow you to make an informed decision about your present concerns as well as your future events! It is time for you to experience what amazing results she has for you, as well as become aware of answers for your tomorrow’s in your life today.


Connect with TeriLynn on Facebook

Previous clients say:

“An accurate and intuitive reader”

“Wow she has very good insight”

“She CAN in indeed unravel complicated relationships!”

“I now have a much better understanding and a sense of peace.”

“TeriLynn was exceptional! …..the best reading I’ve had for sure.”

TeriLynn CanSee will give you the assistance, support and guidance to create clarity in your life.  TeriLynn is able to unravel your complicated relationship concerns, family, lovers, career, etc. and any other concerns you are experiencing regarding your present life situations.

The insight you will receive will allow you to make an informed decision about your present concerns as well as your future events!

Find out more on her website!



Spiritual Counseling

Rain Finelove – Life Revealed

Lee Ann DiSalvo – Intuitive Healing Institute

TeriLynn Cantley – TeriLynn CanSEE

Cyprian Diaz – Yin-Yang Spirituality

Julie Bawden-Davis – Psychic/Medium Channeled Letters

Crista Benson – CqSatellite Designs

Dawn Lane – Feng Shui My Home


Speaker Schedule: (tentative list, times subject to change)

9:45am – Royce Del Merari, Shamanic Seer will open the directions in the ancient way

10:10am – Nate Batoon, Feng Shui Master will set the intention of abundance and bless our day

10:30am –  Royce will play his crystal bowl in The Garden Serenity

11:15am – Julie Bawden-Davis, Channeling Dr.A

12:00pm – Elnathan Batoon, Meditation & Healing 5/26 from 7-930pm & Final Round of Feng Shui 1, announcing Feng Shui 2 6/30 from 930am-5pm

12:45pm –  Cyprian Diaz, The Moon & How the Cycles Effect Us

1:30pm – Daniel Olexa, Universal Laws and His Books!

2:15pm – Dr. Tara Rasta, The Health of Your Spine

3:00pm –  Dr. Robin Roemer-Brown, Chinese Medicine Interactive Question & Answer Session

Enhanced Healing

Jose Diaz – Energy Therapy

Julie Anne Crowther – Quantum Healing

Fernando Ascencio – Sacred Geometry Energy Healing

Leslie Muniz – Medical Intuitive, Reiki & Crystal Therapy

Cora Orgon – Divine Light Healing (Member Services) Serenity Garden


Eclectic Vendors

Audrey Ascencio – Sacred Geometry Healing; Signup & Tools

Daniel Olexa – Whole New You!; Universal Laws & Book Signing (Nate said good book so far!)

Phil Laing – Formless & True; Electronic Healing Tool, Workshop Signups Theta & Kunlun

Denise Ross – More Than Just Words; Creative Jewelry Designs

Yevette Wright – Skinny Cookies; $5 food plates (Can’t wait to see what this month’s menu will be)

Evelyn Villalobos – Cold Pressed Orange Juice and Infused Waters

Dr Tara Rasta – Chiropractic Care and Services

Dr. Robin Broemer-Brown – Acupressure Sampling and Chinese Medicine Alternatives

Joe Braza – Handwriting Analysis

BOTI Studios – Membership, Retreat & Class Sign Up Booth

BOTI Studios – Gladys’ Mercantile


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