Holistic Healing Awareness Day

Holistic Healing Awareness Day

Why is There a Day for Holistic Healing Awareness?

Many People Aren’t Aware How Natural Remedies Can Support Allopathic Medicine.

Our overall health and wellbeing depends on our body, mind and spirit being aligned and in balance.

Allopathic Medicine can be greatly enhanced by holistic practitioners and modalities, some of which is even covered by medical insurance!

Some holistic care practitioners offer help for depression, anxiety, physical or emotional pain using ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science to aid you.

And on March 24th, all participating holistic practitioners and wellness centers around you will offer specials that will make your consultation and treatment an educational and healing process.

After all, everyone wants wellness!

Find practitioners in your area:  HolisticHealingAwarenessDay.com


Holistic Health Coach, Sandy Chasteen will be at BOTI Studios in Anaheim offering AromaTouch technique & iTOVi scanner from 10pm – 5pm.

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Holistic Healing Awareness Day with AromaTouch – March 24

The AromaTouch Technique is the clinical, therapeutic application of 8 different dōTERRA essential oils used synergistically to unite the chemistry of the oils with human touch for an unparalleled experience with essential oils.

From 2 – 4pm Sharifah Hardie will be there conducting a panel discussion about Holistic Healing from this space. Don’t miss this great day with a wide variety of FREE experiences!!

Tonya Fitzpatrick will be there offering samples of Calibr8, a nutritional drink mix which nourishes the genes and activates the body’s primary antioxidant production from a cellular level resulting in the reduction of toxicity, inflammation and FEELING GREAT!

Connect with Sandy Chasteen, Holistic Health Coach

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Sharifah Hardie, Business Consultant, Spiritual Advisor, Motivational Speaker and Radio show host.


Tonya Fitzpatrick, Wellness Advocate:

Facebook Page:  Heart Centered Wellness

Facebook Group:  Heart Centered Events OC & Beyond


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