Get Turned On at the New Earth Expo

New Earth Expo 11.19.17

Sunday, November 19

10am – 5pm

NEW EARTH EXPO – Carlsbad Holiday Inn

2725 Palomar Airport Road, Carlsbad, CA 92009

Click on address for MAP LINK

Public Address in the Boardroom at 4:30pm

FREE Parking

FREE ADMISSION with Password “Angel”

Did you know that you can activate your body’s own internal production of primary antioxidants which are millions of times more powerful than any vitamin, supplement or superfood you could ingest?

Switch ON your wellness genes to sleep better, have more energy and start feeling great!  Join Emily Williams and Tonya Fitzpatrick as we share the exciting things we have learned about the new science of epigenetics and how you can optimize your health and well being.

Emily Williams is a Disease Prevention Specialist and a Certified Health Educator with a degree in Public Health.   Emily is driven by a desire to empower others to realize who they really are and facilitate better health outcomes.   Tonya Fitzpatrick is a Wellness Consultant who is a chronic pain expert and enjoys helping others learn to make lifestyle changes to get out of the pharmaceutical pain cycle. 




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