Animal Communication & Life Activation

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Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017

2pm – 5pm

$25 Pre-registration* or $35 at the door

Center for Self Mastery and Advanced Spiritual Training

Newport Atrium

CLICK HERE for Map Link:  1601 Dove St. Unit 210, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Join us for this fun and interesting evening of conversations with the animals with world renowned animal communicator, Frances Greenspan and Modern Mystery School Senior Guide, Gina Almgren.  

* Pre-registration:  Provide animal info:  Name, Type, Breed, Male/Female, Age (or, age when crossed over) and a question for Frances to answer.

Send pre-registration information to  Gina will use this information to choose a pet for the activation winner.

The first 10 pre-registered participants will be able to ask one question regarding their pet – whether here or crossed over and qualify for a free animal life activation.  Only one live activation being conducted at this event. 

CLICK HERE for $25 pre-registration

Send your information to

PLEASE do not bring your pets, photos only.

What do Your Pets Want you to Know?

A Demonstration of Animal Communication

Attendees will have a chance to ask one question regarding their pet – whether here (photos only please) or crossed over. Depending on the number of attendees, and constraint of time, not all participants may have their question answered. Have you ever wondered:

1. What is an animal communicator? How does it work?

2. Do you speak dog, cat or horse language?

3. Can you talk with a pet whose owner speaks another language? (i.e. Japanese)

4. Why does my cat come when I want her to come inside? But I haven’t actually called her?

5. Do our pets pick up our emotions and illnesses?

6. Can our words hurt our pet’s feelings?

7. Why do they like some people and not others?

8. Do they have preferences in companions? (People and/or animals)

9. Do the foods we feed our pets really make a difference?

10.What is the difference between an animal trainer/behaviorist and an animal communicator?

11.What is a phone reading? Do I put my dog up on the phone?

How Life Activation benefits you and your pet


  • Heightens your intuition & spiritual gifts
  • Clears out negative thoughts, karmic debris & negative emotional patterns
  • Aligns you with your Life Purpose
  • Connects you with your divine potential
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Adds more energy to your physical body
  • Allows you to use more of your brains capacity
  • Puts you in charge of your life so you live it fully & not just experience it happening


  • Extends their life expectancy
  • Improves their health
  • They become more compliant and have less behavioral issues
  • They will take on more qualities of their owners and fit in more sociably
  • Their personalities will shine through clearer
  • Has cured disease
  • Makes them better as a Familiar

The real nuts and bolts is that the Life Activation does just what it’s name says. Everything is energy, including us!   Bringing in the energy of The Light activates dormant or stagnant aspects of our being – literally an infusion of energy that stimulates the life force.  Whatever needs a boost will get it – immune system, mood, personal energy, focus, stress reduction, etc.  This technique has withstood the test of time- if it was not effective, it would have been lost in the dust of history long ago.  

Gina Almgren ROUNDGina Almgren is in full service as a Teacher, Senior Healer, Senior Guide, and an International Instructor with the Modern Mystery School. Gina continues to receive and experience the ancient knowledge; sharing the lineage teachings and offering a variety of healing modalities to other seekers in many countries worldwide.  Gina has been a successful entrepreneur, rising to multiple heights as a conceptual creator, business developer, artist, product designer, marketer and event innovator. With many expressions and accomplishments in her favor, her desire for higher knowledge was still yet satisfied. Gina’s searches lead her to the Mystery School Teachings, and there her true life’s journey began. She was filled with higher teachings, shown practical ways to use the knowledge and tools to improve her life and enjoys the benefits from this great work every day. 

Frances Greenspan ROUNDFrances W. Greenspan is an animal communicator, intuitive, author, teacher and former pet groomer who has been actively involved in the world of animals from an early age.  Frances speaks with animals both here and to those who have crossed over.  She tunes in telepathically to their spirit/higher self to ask questions and receive their answers. The responses are audible in words in her thinking voice in her head, many times they take on the accent or way of speaking of their owner. Sometimes they show her pictures or she feels the emotions they are experiencing.   

Contact Frances: or (949)412-9554

Contact Gina:  or  (619) 988-2091



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