3 Outstanding HEALERS!

This sounds incredible!!

Heart Centered Events OC & Beyond

Cell Care Immersion purple

Tuesday, August 29th

6pm – 8pm


23361 Madero, Suite 220 Mission Viejo, CA 

$20 cover

RSVP to Facebook Event

BioMat healing sessions​ ($50 value)

AromaTouch using doTERRA essential oils ($45 value)

QSpa state-of-the-art brainwave technology (BONUS!)

BioScalar Regeneration Room ($50 value)

​Samples of Calibr8  ($10 value)

Holistic Health Coach, Sandy Chasteen will open up the evening with a few rounds of basic breath work to ground us in followed by a brief meditation using QSpa, the latest in neuro acoustic SmartSound and QSET Bio-scalar technologies which support the body at a deep cellular level.

Sandy will tell us a little about AromaTouch, the clinical therapeutic application of essential oils and how the oils work on a cellular level to lower stress, decrease inflammation and discomfort while promoting relaxation and boosting the immune system creating homeostasis in the body.

Explore the powerful benefits of Bio Mats with…

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