Experience Cellular Rejuvenation

Cell Care Immersion

Tuesday, August 29th

6pm – 8pm


23361 Madero, Suite 220 Mission Viejo, CA 

$20 cover

You will have the opportunity to experience several synergistic holistic healing modalities and an educational talk by Dr. Heather Frederick,

Holistic Health Coach, Sandy Chasteen will open up the evening with a few rounds of basic breath work to ground us in followed by a brief meditation using QSpa, the latest in neuro acoustic SmartSound and QSET Bio-scalar technologies which support the body at a deep cellular level.

Sandy will tell us a little about AromaTouch, the clinical therapeutic application of essential oils and how the oils work on a cellular level to lower stress, decrease inflammation and discomfort while promoting relaxation and boosting our immune system creating homeostasis in the body.

Then we’ll explore the powerful benefits of Bio Mats with energy healer, Mike Garret of Inin8Wave Regeneration Center who will share a bit about how they support the body to heal itself, and work synergistically with the essential oils for an increased healing impact.

What Does it Mean to Be Well and Stay Well?

Our main speaker, Dr. Heather Renee, will address cellular health and how we can detoxify our cells, eliminate inflammation, alleviate stress and feel great! 

Then we’ll break out and you can choose to experience one of these healing mini session modalities for yourself!
– BioMat healing session
– Aromatouch using doTERRA essential oils
– QSpa state-of-the-art brainwave technology relaxation room and sample Calibr8 

Everyone will receive samples of various products discussed during the presentations and have access to specially priced experiential opportunities.

Dr. Heather Renee

About Dr. Heather Renee

Dr. Heather Renee obtained her PhD in Social & Developmental Psychology from Brandeis University where she studied successful aging.

She spent a couple decade as a longevity researcher and professor.  Recently she has transmuted her passion from simply teaching people useful things to teaching people things that lead to their personal transformation. She describes what she does as “reverse engineering people’s happiness.”

Her tagline is: “Heal Yourself, Transform the World” because she believes we are all in need of healing (be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual) and once we heal, we will be positioned to live out our life purpose. If we each live out our life purpose, collectively we can (and will) change the world.

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