Brave Hearted Summit

Ayanna Brave Hearted

The Brave Hearted Summit

No Cost Online Conference

April 24 – May 5

Over 20 Revolutionary Love Leaders!

You want a “feel-good” relationship, right?

But if you’re honest, you’d probably admit that you just don’t know how to make that happen. You’re winging it, essentially, and you find that you’re constantly sabotaging what you most want to experience. You go through one disappointment after another, and even though you crave intimacy, you aren’t sure if it’s possible for you.

Sound familiar?

If so, you’re in the right place, right now. My friend Paola Postiglione is a Vulnerability Coach, and she’s created The Brave Hearted Summit, a complimentary online event that brings together more than 20 Love Leaders and Visionaries, including me, to share advice, strategies, and empowering tools designed to help you take charge of your own love story, by being authentic—with yourself.

You can skip the reading and reserve your spot here—the event begins April 24:

Take Charge Of Your Love Story <<< Sign Up Now

Whether it’s because you witnessed other couples live an awkward (or awful) version of love and intimacy, or you experienced traumatic events related to love in the past, you may not know how to create healthy relationships.

When you go to the link above and join us for The Brave Hearted Summit, you’ll discover why some of those long-held beliefs and/or vulnerabilities may stop you from experiencing the deep intimacy and fulfillment you crave.

More importantly, you’ll discover how to turn those vulnerabilities into strengths—core strengths—to lay the foundation to build and sustain a powerful connection with someone else.

Paola says that when you practice leading with your vulnerability, consistently and continually, you’re able to heal from old wounds, connect with your authentic self, and manifest your own happiness.

That’s why, when you join us for this event, we’ll share:

  • Tips that will bring relief to your dating and relationship woes so you can actually enjoy them again!
  • How to heal wounds from past love connections … and gain the confidence you need to move beyond them and let new love in.
  • What “dating for growth” means, and powerful strategies to do so, so you know you’re always growing into the best version of yourself.
  • The one thing you must do in order to attract the relationship you desire (if you don’t do this, then all your efforts are for naught!).
  • How to identify and move past the fears that block you from receiving real love, so you can finally connect with others in the way you want to.
  • Strategies for manifesting your own happiness.
  • And much more.

Paola knows what it’s like to feel lost, when it comes to love. As a young adult, she knew she wanted to love and be loved, and she thought she knew how to make that happen … but she experienced confusion, disappointment, and heartache far too often. After being married for 11 years, she realized she wasn’t truly happy in her marriage – and she felt wrong for feeling that way.

She knew she could change her life, but she wasn’t sure how to do it.

She spent immense amounts of time, energy, and money learning insights and tools for translating the art of love.

Now, during The Brave Hearted Summit, she’s bringing together Revolutionary Love Leaders to share a wealth of resources and tools for a thriving and satisfying love life.

If you know you need a change, and you’ve been thinking about it but haven’t been sure how to make it happen, then it’s no accident you’re reading this message right now. It’s not a moment too soon, or a moment too late. Your soul is seeking more!

So whether you’re in a relationship or single, straight or gay, this is a safe place for you to get the information and inspiration you’re ready for. No matter where you are now, you can always gain new depths in the understanding of your divine powers when it comes to embracing love.

Join us starting April 24 to get clear on your next steps, and discover how being authentic to yourself can help you overcome some of the challenges you’re experiencing in your life and in love.

Sign up here, at no cost:

Experience Complete Connection <<< Reserve Your Spot Here

Take charge of your own love story, take a stand in your life, and be bold enough to face your fears.

To taking charge of your love story,

Ayanna Mojica


P.S. I’ve seen the speaker list for this event, and it looks awesome! I can’t wait to be a part of it, and listen in on ALL the interviews. I want you to be there, because you CAN shift your outdated beliefs around love. When you do, the magic will happen! We’ll show you how, on The Brave Hearted Summit.


Shift Your Beliefs – Receive Love <<< Join Us Starting April 24

P.P.S. Please share this link with anyone you know who would be deeply served by it! You may be providing the answer to someone else’s prayer, in doing so.

It’s Time For LOVE <<< Join Us Starting April 24

Every day, starting April 24th and through May 5th you will receive an email telling you about the Expert Speakers guide for that day and with a link to watch the video interviews of the day. You will have 72 hours to watch each interview and claim your free gift before they expire. I would highly recommend that you look at your calendar now (don’t put it off!) and schedule 30 to 40 minutes every day to invest in yourself!

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