Going Home, a Journey

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Going Home, a Journey

340 St. Ann’s Drive (map link)

Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Friday: Evening performance and dining

Saturday: Brunch, lectures & evening performance

This is a going home and a celebration of the journey of being a sacred artist in modern times. As a sacred artist, Terrell Washington Anansi attempts to demonstrate the importance of the human voice by using spoken word and spoken song, sacred musical sounds, dance and images of photography by Jana Pesek, “Skylit Photography / Eyelit Designs”  and mixed media paintings, by Terrell Washington Anansi, within constructed altars. It is a demonstration of a sacred artist unifying with his community, in the midst of sharing his gifts within the community for their mutual healing.

It is a collaboration between artists who are in the process of becoming One in Spirit and performance.  It is a going home to wholeness, the healing of the split existence of the Divine feminine and the Divine masculine, love and hate, being and doing… being in the unification of the personal self.
It is a collaboration of various types of local artists (visual, musicians, craftsmen, jewelers, dance, sound healers), local culinary (Taco Loco) and a local church, Neighborhood Congregational Church.  It will be an example of community in unity, comm-unity. It is a celebration of attaining peace within our society.

$20 entrance fee for both days

Going Home FLYER

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