Your BEST Year Ever!


How to Have Your Best Year Ever

Rescheduled to:

Friday, March 24 at 6:30pm

Private home in Laguna Niguel – contact Dr. Heather for address


You are invited to come and learn tools that will empower you to live your BEST YEAR EVER. Regardless of your goals, resolutions, or intention for 2017, come find out what may be the missing link to reaching them…you might be surprised!

You will also have an opportunity to introduce yourself and do some business networking.  If you have any questions, contact host, Tonya Fitzpatrick at


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Our Speakers

Dr. Heather Renee

Dr. Heather is a Transformational Speaker and Coach. She holds a PhD in Psychology and works exclusively with motivated clients dedicated to creating profound change in their lives. The majority of her clients are highly successful but extremely stressed mid-life men and women who say: “My life just isn’t working for me anymore!” She can show you how to create balance and harness your true potential by understanding your life as energy. In short, she gives you the tools you need to release stress and past trauma and tap into the power of unconditional love through your dominant thoughts and feelings. She believes the raising of the collective consciousness occurs through individual evolution and expansion. Her tagline is: Heal Yourself, Transform the World.   Website:

Kecia Lyons

Kecia is an energetic corporate trainer and consultant in the Integrated Wellness Industry. She is the former CEO of an International Health supplement provider in both the U.S. and Japan. She is passionate about three things: Health, Happiness and Wellbeing. She is the owner of Integrated Wellness Products and the Co-Founder of Nutra Relief Inc., a company that formulates pure, functional nutritional creams which utilizes the SKIN as an alternative point of delivery for Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids. She believes that the way you live has a direct impact on the enjoyment you get out of life. At the core of this philosophy is that the conventional approach to health can be improved.  Websites:;

Christine Van Tassel

Christine is the CEO of Fresh Start Nutrition, and a Certified Nutritionist and Health Coach. She practices holistic nutrition and helps her clients get healthy using a natural foods approach that looks at the “whole” person including the mind, body and spirit. She offers alternative testing for food allergies, heavy metal and environmental toxicity and much more to see what underlying conditions may be going on to heal more quickly. Christine specializes in helping men and women who “just don’t feel right” get to the “root cause” of any dis-ease or imbalance so they can feel transformed, revitalized and healthy again! She is dedicated to helping you become the healthiest and happiest person you know.    Website:

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