A Journey Towards Freedom


A Journey Towards Freedom

with Dr. Lara Romero

Tuesday, January 10 at 7pm

FREE community event sponsored by Clar8ty & Heart Centered Wellness

23361 Madero, Suite 220, Mission Viejo, CA 92691 (map link)

dr-lara-headshot-roundYou are invited to experience an interactive energy transformation!  Dr. Lara will be conducting a guided visualization to help you begin your journey towards releasing the chains that bind you and keep you small.

Dr. Lara will also be giving individual messages.

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Dr. Lara Romero is an intuitive transformational mentor and energy worker, specializing in teaching others how to come from a place of true authenticity so they can express their soul’s purpose and transform their life. Using her ability to hold the space for transformational energy to come through, she is able to identify beliefs that are holding people back. By letting go of these beliefs and replacing them with empowering perceptions, clients are able to come from their inner power and begin to completely transform their lives.     DrLaraRomero.com

Dr. Lara Romero holds a BA in Human Services and another BA, Masters and a Doctorate in Metaphysics.
She has always known from a young age that there was more to the human existence that went beyond the 5 physical senses. After a near death experience in 1989, Lara realized that she was here for a reason and began to embark on finding and fulfilling her divine life mission.

Through her studies and personal healing experiences, Lara has become a holding space for transformation. Reveal Your Magnificence! focuses on releasing belief patterns that keep you small. It then directs you to reviving your passion in life and get back in touch with your soul’s purpose leading you into gaining the courage, confidence and clarity needed to revealing your magnificent, authentic self.

Lara has received unsolicited testimonials from around the globe of how after going through her programs or personal sessions have helped heal their mind, heart and soul in relationships, health, finding their life purpose and other life areas.

Lara works with Angels, higher selves, and helpful energies from higher realms she calls Luminaries. The space she holds provides the opportunity to shift DNA, release trauma, curb addictions, help transform personality disorders and help raise consciousness so that you can be in alignment with your divine soul purpose. Lara gives all the credit to the Angels and Higher Helpful Beings.

For more no cost community events like these, follow Heart Centered Wellness on Facebook or contact Tonya Fitzpatrick at EnergeticMarketingServices@gmail.com 


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