Monster Mash in Mission Viejo


FREE event!

October 12, 2016

6pm – 9pm

23361 Madero, #220, Mission Viejo, CA  (map link)




Gina Almgren is a full service Teacher, Healer, Guide, Ritual Master and Modern Mystery School International Instructor.

Gina will be speaking on Energy, Senses and Developing Intuition.  She loves to teach so those of you there on October 12th will get an amazing lesson on Energy, Senses and Developing Intuition…



Debbie del Rio is an Intuitive Healer, Licensed Massage Therapist & 6th Degree Black Belt in Ninjutsu.

Debbie will be will be sharing about Integrative Light Healing. She can view your human energy field and help you to come back into balance.  Integrative Light Healing can include Reiki, Chakra and Aura cleansing and balancing, as well as therapeutic touch.

You will experience a light meditation to get everyone on the same page and then an energy demo to show how powerful we each really are and can facilitate our own healing.


robin-hoffman-haackHost, Robin Hoffman Haack, the founder of Clar8ty. These amazing products are the result of one woman’s love for mankind, children and their health.

The secret of wellness is not a pill, a super-fruit or berry, the secret of wellness is already inside of our bodies, we just have to harness the power within us.

Come visit Clar8ty’s table and hear about how you can harness the power within.



Ana Camargo, Jamberry Nail Wraps

Candice Rutherford, Young Living Essential Oils

Merit, Golden Light Inspiration

Lizz Juarez, Isagenix

Carol McMahon, SeneGence Lip Stain

Ki California, Ki Energy treatments



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