Holistic Healers Panel


Join us on Tuesday, October 18th at 7pm

23361 Madero, #200, Mission Viejo, CA  (map link)

There is no charge for this event

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This is for anyone interested in holistic wellness – you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself and tell us about what you do.   The speakers will tell us about their work and take questions from the group.

angelica-wagner-headshotANGELICA WAGNER CBP, Pa Rama CBP, CACF
Angelica Wagner is the inventor and scientist whose company guarantees 87-95% success rate in healing traumatic brain injury, PTSD and addiction in 90 days. She is the founder of Grace Center for Healing which is the only company in the world that guarantees non relapse in addiction.

Angelica Wagner is currently completing her PhD in Natural Medicine. Angelica also holds a Diplomate in Addiction and Compulsive Disorder from the American College of Addiction in Miami, Florida. She is the patent holder of three modalities that naturally create biogenic regeneration of the brain tissues, brain stem and cranial nerves. As a pioneer in the field of consciousness cellular regeneration, Angelica created the world’s first, noninvasive, non-drug methods in healing brain trauma, PTSD and addiction.  www.GraceCenterHealing.com

teri-stanleyTERI STANLEY
Teri Stanley is a certified Touch For Health Kinesiologist with certificates in Crystal Healing, Reconnective Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping), an Awakening Practitioner and has knowledge of other modalities. Teri has been in the business of helping others to heal for over three years. Teri uses Kinesiology to find out what the body needs to heal and in what order. Getting to the root causes of pain has always led her to the emotions that get trapped in the body. By focusing on releasing the emotions and the thoughts we think while supplying proper nutrition and supplements the physical body starts to heal and keep that health.

“My focus is helping the client reach their full potential and joy in their live by helping them to remove imbalances in the body along with releasing trapped emotions through the use of kinesiology and other modalities.” ~   TeriStanley.net


Dr. Pamela Middleton who goes by “Dr. Pam” specializes in integrative pediatrics which is a combination of traditional allopathic medicine, complimentary and alternative medical therapies.
As an integrative pediatric health practitioner Dr. Pam combines her traditional medical training with holistic alternatives so that her patients receive the best treatment for their particular condition and the best recommendations about healthy lifestyle choices to prevent illness and foster wellness.    www.MyDrPam.com
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