Orange County, CA Holistic Community

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The Mission Viejo chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce invites you to join us for an evening with Transformational Speaker and Wealth Coach, Jenenne Macklin as she addresses the topic:

The Inner Game of Money: 3 Secrets To Attract More

Tuesday, June 21 (every 3rd Tuesday)
6:30 meet & greet
Presentation starts at 7pm
Mission Viejo Holistic Chamber of Commerce
Clar8ty Home Office
23361 Madero, #220; Mission Viejo 92691
Map link  

Are you ready to see your efforts in business result in more money in your account? Ready to go from working hard to being in the flow of a wealth consciousness? Ready for inner game shifts to change the trajectory of your relationship with money?

In this interactive presentation you will learn:

∞The #1 most powerful and transformational strategy to bring you wealth, peace and money to end struggle and feeling stuck and tired.

∞The #1 key to making the energetic shift to remove the inner blocks necessary for overflowing abundance.

∞The #1 solution to opening the floodgates for greater abundance, wealth, money and success.

Rev. Jenenne Macklin is a voice of empowerment, as well as a catalyst for transformation teaching spiritual principles & sacred practices for seven-figure success.

As the visionary behind the brand Spirit and Riches™ Jenenne works with her clients to bridge the gap between lack and limitlessness, money/wealth and spirituality to dispel the myths, slay limiting beliefs and transform their relationship with money for peace of mind, joy, fulfillment and financial freedom.

We invite  you to check out the Holistic Chamber of Commerce where we have enlightening speakers every month, networking with Holistically minded business owners to gain a wealth of knowledge and useful tools to build your own business.

Our primary purpose is to connect people to holistic and natural health and wellness professionals, practitioners and businesses so they can have easier access to the services and products that can help them get and stay healthy.

We also connect people to holistic business support professionals and services so that they can help more people in effective and financially sustainable ways.

Benefits of Membership

We meet the 3rd Tuesday of every month.  Check out how to become a member and all the benefits.  Membership grand opening special. 

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