Lana Marconi, PhD & Ayanna Mojica

Holistic Lifestyle New Human

LISTEN IN Wednesday, June 1 at 12:30pm to

WHAT IS YOUR HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE radio show with host, Johnathan Colbert on

Johnathan will interview Dr. Lana Marconi and Ayanna Mojica about the upcoming film, “New Human, New Earth, New Humanity”. The film will debut on June 9th at 6:30pm at the Art Theatre in Long Beach.

Watch the film trailer:

Tickets are on sale at EventBrite:


Humans are going through an awakening process. As a result, reality on earth is shifting from separation to unity consciousness. Separation within each human and between humans has been a source of humanity’s suffering and the destruction of planet earth. In this consciousness raising documentary by filmmaker Lana Marconi, Ph.D., fourteen experts describe what it will take for humanity to collectively thrive and what the new species and planet will be like which includes community with advanced, intelligent, benevolent, life forms among other profound changes.

The film stars Academy Award Winner Colin Chilvers; Award Winning Director Emmanuel Itier; Television Host of the “Paranormal Show” Stan Mallow; and Psychologist Dr. Deborah McGill, also featured in Marconi’s first documentary called “The Wellness Story” (available on Vimeo). Other experts include: Michelle Anderson, Leonard Bernard, Diane Brisebois, Tom Clearwater, Catherine Ann Clemett, Stacey J. Hentschel, Jeanine Just, Kenneth Jaques, Ayanna Mojica, John D. Riley.


Lana Marconi, Ph.D., Th.D., is an Independent Documentary Filmmaker. Her 3 feature films are called: THE WELLNESS STORY, THE RESONANCE, and NEW HUMAN, NEW EARTH, NEW HUMANITY. All films can be watched on Vimeo movies on demand.

She has written, produced and hosted over 50 healthy living television shows on Rogers TV Canada as well as independent interviews. She has authored several books on healthy living that have been featured in bookstores such as Chapters and Indigo. She has been a published writer in Canada’s Vitality Magazine and Energy Works Magazine. One of her inspiring stories was published in the “Wake Up And Live The Life You Love” book series that included authors such as Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer and became a Barnes and Noble Bestseller.

Ayanna Mojica, M.F.A, Priestess of Power & Wealth™, Entrepreneur, Author, and Philanthropist, inspires and empowers women from around the world, to heal trauma and create a legacy of sustainable Wealth. Divinely inspired by Mary Magdalen, Ayanna implements a New Business Template, which includes Spirit, Wealth, Luxury, Arts, Sacred Sexuality, Service and Travel.

Author of Deep Treasures: Exploring the Dynamic Relationship Between Sex and Money Ms Mojica is currently completing the book, Twin Flames, Soul Mates and Sacred Union.

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