Learn the Tarot in Del Mar!

Tarot 6.4.16 DEL MAR-1

SPACE IS LIMITED – only a few spots left!  Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn the Art of the Mystical Tarot from a Master Teacher in Del Mar!

Comments from past students:

AYANNA: “Priestess Debra Hall is a Masterful Teacher.  Students will receive much  wisdom and great training.”

CLARITY: “Debra Hall teaches tarot in the most interesting way.. It touched me so deeply and gave me an entirely new look and meaning into these amazing cards.”

This class will prepare you to use Tarot Cards professionally or just develop deeper intuitive and psychic abilities.  ANYONE can do it with practice!

This class will be taught in an intimate sacred format in a private home in Del Mar near the ocean.  This is the perfect place to allow one to open up to subtle vibrations of one’s own intuitive nature.  Experience sacred ceremony and the transmission of knowledge that opens channels of learning.

Sunday, June 4  10am – 5:30pm

Early bird price: $75 until June 2
Regular tuition: $80

Contact:  Debra Hall, PhD   Debra_Hall2002@yahoo.com or (818) 317-6447

Shekina Devi will work from the perspective of the Tarot’s more recent origins ~ Sacred France, land of Mary Magdalen and the Cathar people. Going back to Ancient Egypt and further, the Tarot is an ancient tool used for divination and personal spiritual growth.

Reading the Tarot is fun, and if you are called there is great enjoyment in allowing the channels of spirit to move through you! The beauty of reading the Tarot cards is that you can serve the planet, help others, and receive gifts of the spirit for yourself as the energy moves through you.

This one day workshop will include:
Teachings on the cards
The Celtic Cross Spread
Activations and exercises to open up one’s intuitive self
Hands on reading experience and spreads
You will need a Rider-Waite deck.
The Radiant deck is more colorful but the original will do.

Early bird price: $75 until June 2
Regular tuition: $80

Contact:  Debra Hall, PhD   Debra_Hall2002@yahoo.com or (818) 317-6447

“Shekina Devi” (Debra Hall Ph.D) has a doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology with her research dissertation on Shamanic Methods of Transformational Healing. She has a Masters of Arts in Marriage and Family Counseling and is a Soul Memory Discovery Facilitator.

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