Dragon Energy, Freedom & Your Money


Dragon Energy

Dragon Energy, Freedom & Your Money
Priestess of Power & Wealth™ Series
No-Cost Tele-Seminar

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Noon PST / 3pm EST / 9pm GMT

Register here: https://dragon-energy.eventbrite.com

Yep, we are talking about Dragons!

What do you mean… Dragons?

What do Dragons have to do with Your Freedom and Your Money?

Find out and register here: https://dragon-energy.eventbrite.com

This is SO MUCH FUN!

P.S. I know a great deal about Dragons. They show up in my life and give me wisdom keys and protection.

Register now: https://dragon-energy.eventbrite.com

Gold Dress CIRCLE

Ayanna Mojica, MFA, The Unapologetic Wealthy Mystic, ©Priestess of Power & Wealth, has implemented a New Business Template, that includes Spirit, Wealth, Luxury, Arts, Service and Travel, Ayanna is divinely inspired by Mary Magdalen and is on fire to call forth and mentor women, from around the world, to become a ©Priestess of Power and Wealth.

She is an Author, Global Cultural Ambassador, International Speaker, Spiritual Leader, Artist, Philanthropist, and Teacher of Ecstatic Love & Intimacy. Ayanna, is A Priestess of The Magdalen and New Thought Leader. She founded The Path of the Magdalen, based upon the teachings inspired by a direct “visitation” from Mary Magdalen in 2009.

She is the author of Deep Treasures: Exploring the Dynamic Relationship Between Sex and Money and is currently completing two books, Twin Flames From Beyond the Veil: A True Mystical Love Story, inspired by the transition of her Beloved; and The Path of the Magdalen: The Magdalen Egyptian Isis Lineage of Sacred Sexual Alchemy.

Inspired to empower women to create a legacy of Sustainable Wealth.


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