Your Money is in Your Mess

Gold Dress CIRCLE

Ayanna, Priestess of Power & Wealth

Your Money is in Your Mess ~ Now What Are You Going to Do?

Priestess of Power & Wealth™ Series
No-Cost Tele-Seminar

Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016
Noon PST – 3:00 EST – 9:00 GST

You are welcome to join us!


Clear your resistance to having money ~ to having wealth.

Bring all your junk and mess to the front to clear up ALL those Yucky beliefs.
If you have blocks to money you have cut off your feelings to something deeper.
What is that?  Let’s look at it.
“Your Money is in Your Mess”



There are people with “messes” and YOU have solutions for them

It’s in your mess


There are people WITH MONEY who are desperately looking to invest in fixing their “mess”.


These people are currently looking for someone to help them with their “mess”

… Someone who understands…

Someone, like you, who has “been there”, gets them … been through the fire

Who has been through their own “mess”

… Someone with your unique gifts and talents

There’s one BIG Problem…

They don’t know you exist

So they miss out on you


You miss out on Thousands and Thousands of dollars

Now what are you going to do?

“They” are waiting

Join us here:

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