Global Shamanic Tarot


We all have similar hopes, dreams and needs. ‘Our Quest’ is to interpret them and understand the symbolic language of visions, dreams, and feelings. Shekina Devi, Mystical Scholar, is your compassionate mentor and guide gently leading you into the knowledge of mystic messages from the Tarot Card Decks.

“Here you will discover that ‘Tarot’ as the background of our lives, the archetypes or symbols of what makes us human, the stories and universal myths that we all share, be it the search for Love, the Hero or Heroine journey, or Holy Sacred quest Tarot spread 2.10.16inward to know who we are. The ‘Quest,’ our ‘Quest’ for each one of us. This spread was a visioning spread today. From it comes the realization for me, of moving these universal symbols into the realm of “Global Understanding”, where we all have similar hopes, dreams and needs. Note that the card underneath the man sitting under the tree is the “Devil” or “Black Magician” card. For those of you who have read with me you know it is in the position of the present, of where “I am or we are” at present. But the power of our beings comes often from the Dark Gods and Goddesses and this is a shamanic underworld card that is pointing to the fact that “I am or we are” re-visioning “MY/Our Work and it is in the dark gathering power to fuel its creation in the world, what the Sacred Feminine does as she allows creation to come thru her womb. Thus ‘Spring’ is getting ready to be reborn from the darkness into the Light. Coming The Work of Global Shamanic Tarot, the return of US-ness where we are all one in who we are. More coming and will be sharing through Global Shamanic Tarot, the human stories of all of US! (Love, Money, Health, Spiritual Awakening).

© 2/10/2016 Shekina Devi, Mystical Scholar

‘Shekina Devi” (Debra Hall PhD) has a doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology with her research dissertation on Shamanic Methods of Transformational Healing. She has a Masters of Arts in Marriage and Family Counseling and is a Soul Memory Discovery Facilitator.

Now she is focused on Mystical Life Readings and works with the Tarot to tune into the guides and angels.

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