Who said you have to be perfect to create an empire?

Ayanna in heart with hands

Who Said You have to be Perfect to Create a 6-Figure Empire?

Priestess of Power & Wealth™ Series

Wednesday, February 3, 2016
Noon PST/3:00 EST/9:00 GMT

No-Cost Tele-Seminar

Register here: http://create-a-six-figure-empire.eventbrite.com


Do not allow, what I call …

“The Tyranny of Perfection”

…to stop you…

…from funding your dreams

or creating your life by design.


Before you get started!

Your dream to help humanity…

Use your gifts…

Or create a multiple 6-Figure Empire

And Sustainable Wealth

Need ALL the energy, resources, money, support and encouragement you can muster


Perfectionism and Procrastination are twins.

Think about it.

They support one another.

And guess who else tags along for the ride ~ the Spirit of “Not Enough.”

Now. What are you going to do about it?

What tools and practices can you implement immediately to get you off your rusty dusty to move you forward?

Tune in on Wednesday for “Who Said You have to be Perfect to Create a 6-Figure Empire?”

I will share the steps I took within the past 80 days to be powerfully positioned to create my first 6-Figure Empire in 2016!

Bring a pen, paper or tablet to take notes. Please be undistracted to receive this content rich inspirational teaching!

You are welcome to register here: http://create-a-six-figure-empire.eventbrite.com

Ayanna Mojica, Priestess of Power & Wealth™

P.S. I inspired and fiercely committed to mentor women to heal, be powerful and create a legacy of Sustainable Wealth ~ NOW


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