Follow Through on You

Wordly Women of Irvine


Follow Through On You:

Ways to Jump Start Your  New Year’s Resolutions

Monday, February 1st
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
The Duck Club at the San Joaquin Marsh

Renee Devereaux

FindingRenee Dev website photo Your Soulful Radiance:
Integrating Mind, Body and Soul
Renee Devereaux is a Medical Intuitive and international educator and founder of the Devereaux Academy for Creative Expression

Patricia Garza

Patricia GarzaHolistic Health and “Warrior Woman” Healing Through Grounding and Energy Work • Movement That Matters Eat Right for Your Body Type
Patricia Garza is co-founder of EvolMotion and creator of Rise! Warrior Woman, Rise! a training program to empower women by raising their life force energy through a combination of healing, health and fitness practices.

Alexandra McColm

HowAlexandra McColm To Empower You: Giving Yourself
The Gift of a Happier, More Fulfilled 2016
Alexandra McColm has enjoyed the success that comes with being an entrepreneur and business woman, but for the past 25 years she has also been a trance channeler and Spiritual Life Coach — bridging the Spirit and physical worlds and connecting people to their Light Energy


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One thought on “Follow Through on You

  1. Looks good Tonya!  Ayanna Mojica, Priestess of Power & Wealth™The Unapologetic Wealthy Mysticwww.AyannaMojica.com949.395.3359 Ayanna continues to grow a loyal andselective client base that value elegance and exclusivity. Contact her forconsideration.

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