Business Marketing Made Simple

Class COVERJanuary 30 FLYER_1

Attending this powerfully packed Saturday morning FREE Marketing Seminar, WILL impact your business and revenue in 2016!

Come out, bring a friend and learn more about how Facebook, Blogging, Pinterest, Events and Face-to-Face Marketing can be better utilized to expand your audience, online reach, and both your B2B and B2C connections.

Complimentary Lunch following the event.

23361 Madero, #220 ~  Mission Viejo, CA

RSVP & more info:  (310)350-3555

Kevin McGrew – FACEBOOK
Marketing expert, business coach and seriel entreprenuer. Kevin has been helping companies throughout North America with their business development and marketing needs as the CEO and Chief Strategist at the Everzocial Group. He is a Certified Advanced Coaching Master (ACM) through the Center for Advanced Caoching, and continues to work with the best and brightest business owners and executives.

Lori Nelson – PINTEREST
Former college English professor turned Accidental Blogger, freelance writer, blogging coach, and consultant. It’s Lori’s passion to work with small business owners and professionals as she can see their product’s vision and assist them in taking the steps to get it to its potential.

Jenna Redlin – BLOGGING
After years of working with some of the best social marketers in the Inland Empire, Jenna ventured off to start her own business in 2014, Socially Fused Marketing. As a millennial and social media enthusiast, Jenna sees the potential that social media offers for business. She loves to help business owners connect and engage with their audience using the “social language.”

Co-creator of Mind-Body-Soul Well-Being through events, coaching, writing, and speaking, Jan Edwards is an inspirational guide, collaborative grass roots leader, and advocate of Self Actualization, Love, and Transformation. Her passion is to help people find what moves them, guide them to discover their authentic selves and what makes them come alive, and lead them to use this awareness to create the lives they desire.

Hosted by Johnathan Colbert of What is Your Holistic Lifestyle Radio Show
Robin Hoffman Hack, Vice President of the Mission Viejo Holistic Chamber of Commerce

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