A Sacred Artist in Modern Times

Sacred Artist FLYER FINAL

MIXED-MEDIA painted on the pages of the LA Times as a living prayer treatment to heal the maladies of our modern world. The pieces are sustainable art/mixedmedia/assemblage/constructs on canvas and woodslices…visual stories to be told.

The stories will be told with the help of Mike Ellis (aka Mike Muvment) of Backzide Records, who created soundscapes to support Terrell’s spoken words and spoken songs with “Clapping Hands” being one of the pieces to be performed. Mike collaborated to help Terrell achieve the goal of creating a modern opera.  His music gave Terrell’s words their legs.  Also, Love Chutney will be playing, adding a sacredness of sound in a classic East Indian modern flair, supporting the evening in moments.  Love Chutney supported the Sacred Voices project at Mystic Arts and the Temple of Light as the house band. Come join the Circle of Love!

You may see Terrell’s work at the following Orange County locations:

Temple of Light, Irvine, CA

Mind, Body & Spirit – Corona del Mar, CA

Mystic Arts – Laguna Beach, CA


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Seven Degrees photo

Seven Degrees

891 Laguna Canyon Road

Laguna Beach California 92651

February 4, 2016


No charge – this event in being held in affiliation with Laguna Beach Art Walk

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