The Art of the Mystical Tarot

Art of the Mystical Tarot 1800

Learn the art of the ancient Tarot!  Work from the perspective of the Tarot’s more recent origins ~ Sacred France, land of Mary Magdalen and the Cathar people.  Going back to Ancient Egypt and further, the Tarot is an ancient tool used for divination and personal spiritual growth. 

Temple of Light, Irvine

This class is for anyone who wants to learn to use Tarot Cards professionally and/or develop deeper intuitive and psychic abilities.  This is something all people are capable of doing with practice.  The cards are also a code that illustrates the path of initiation into the Sacred Mysteries and moving toward self-realization. 

 We will experience ceremony and sacred space and the transmission of knowledge that will reopen channels to access learning easily. 

Reading the Tarot is fun, and if you are called there is great enjoyment in allowing the channels of spirit to move through you!  The beauty of reading the Tarot cards is that you can serve the planet, help others, and receive gifts of the spirit for yourself as the energy moves through you. 

Temple of Light, Irvine


Debra Hall, Ph.D., (Shekina Devi), Priestess on “The Path of the Magdalen”, has been involved in Metaphysical and Spiritual pursuits since the early 1970s. These activities include working as a trance medium, trance channeler, shamanic practitioner, midwife, massage therapist and more than 35 years of metaphysical training. Her doctorate research was on Shamanic Transformational Healing.

 As an initiated Priestess, Debra is dedicated to the return of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Union. She is inspired to bring in the balance of the Feminine and Masculine to birth the world into 5-Dimensional awareness of love, oneness and peace for all.

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