Art Walk in Laguna Beach

Thursday, November 5th

6pm – 9pm

Come on out and celebrate local Laguna Beach artists during Art Walk – we invite you to come by Mystic Arts Gallery at 664 South Coast Highway in Laguna Beach tonight for an evening of art, community and music…….

TWA profile PIC BLUEWhile you are there, be sure to meet local Tribal Neo Pop artist, Terrell Washington Anansi. Twenty-two years ago Terrell created the concept of Tribal Neo Pop after graduating from the University Of Irvine, with a B.A. in English/Comparative Literature (’83). His grandmother and grandfather were acapella gospel music teachers, his mother a gospel singer and his aunt sang jazz in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Terrell lived in a bell jar of sacred voices.

A hair designer, model, singer, video artist, poet, performance artist, teacher of critical thinking skills and editor, spiritual warrior, and defender of truth… Terrell is an UP-Cycle Artist of the Human Spirit…from the 1960s to now…from the church to the streets to academia and back to the streets…and back to the churches and sacred spaces. Always fighting for the voiceless, women, people of color, gays, victims of sexual abuse, the homeless and the poor-those people who have a disconnection from our modern world.

To honor his history and to heal what he knew was wrong with his life, Terrell began telling his stories in words, in visual images, and through the power of the sacred voice. Terrell was 36 when his daughter was born, and as she took her daily two hour naps, he took the opportunity to develop his personal challenge to make meaningful fine art out of discarded memories, belongings, people’s histories. Terrell learned to allow the recycled bark, paper, cardboard, fabric and wood to talk to him, dream with him, dictate with spirit in co-creation….as a sacred artist…a revolutionary artist who has become an evolutionary artist of change.

Terrell speaks language as he breathes words and images with respect to his ancestors and this planet. He is a spiritual energy, experiencing a human experience. He is a human, being.

Terrell’s recently published work, “Echoes and Ashes” is a spoken word/spoken song experience, a celebration of life honoring the human expression, our sacred voice. And to be sacred is to know intimacy in poetic and dreamtime, real time knowing. To honor the sacredness of the human voice only honors the sacredness of life itself, the bonding of the human experience. Echoes and Ashes is a call to be a spiritual happening every second…a.s.h.e.s. We can change our lives in a instant, a second in time…a change in personal actions. Change the story, the echo, we are living in into to a story that is a more functional story or echo. Our thoughts become our words and then our words become our world…a poetic modern novel, such as Echoes and Ashes.   Available on

He is currently working on turning the book into film.  Click on the link to find out more about the Echoes and Ashes Project.

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