Honor & Heal Your Ancestors: San Diego

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How to Honor & Heal Your Ancestors
Saturday, November 7, 2015
10am – 2pm PST
San Diego, CA
Facilitated by: Ayanna, Avatar of Love aka Ayanna Mojica de Sabater

Ancestral Investment: $111
Only 5 Seats
(No refunds please)

Register now at: http://heal-ancestors.eventbrite.com/

Our Ancestors play an important part in our current life. Ancestors include those who have a family relationship with us – including those related to us through marriage. When we experience certain recurrent problems in life ancestral issues may be the source. Our Ancestors may be a source of blessings including wealth, happiness, good fortune or a source of suffering, such as illness, divorces and chronic debt.

After our Ancestors transition they are concerned about our wellbeing and protection. As we heal the Ancestors and honor them with offerings they are able to bring blessings into our life.

In this teaching and ceremonial offering, – “Healing the Ancestors” – we will use a shamanic ritual ceremony to help you address the needs of your Ancestors.

In sacred space we will:
• Acknowledge Your Female and Male Ancestors
• Heal and Honor the Ancestors
• Recognize Ancestral Gifts and Curses
• Build Your Ancestral Altar
• Understand Types of Offerings
• Receive a Protocol to Clear “Tribulus” – the Energy of Debt
• Understand the Importance of Spiritual Money
• Learn about “Tarpanum” – Daily Hindu Ritual Ancestral Offering
• Experience Ancestral Cleansing Protocol

You will receive:
• Anointed Ancestral Incense Sticks
• Five Notes of Ancestral Money
• Instructions for the Ancestral Ceremony

Extra Purchase (Optional):
• Ancestral Anointing Oil – $55
• Holy Water – $11

We will create an Ancestral Altar

Register now at: http://heal-ancestors.eventbrite.com/

I look forward to guiding you through this potent shamanic experience “Healing the Ancestors”.

Register Now at: http://heal-ancestors.eventbrite.com/

See more information on the Facebook Event page

Ayanna Mojica, Avatar of Love HEARTAyanna Mojica, “Avatar of Love”, holds a Masters in Fine Arts, Bachelors Degree in Dance, and a California Teaching Credential. She is an Author, Humanitarian, International Speaker, Performance Artist, Sacred Musician, Gifted Seer and Intuitive.

After a profound visitation from Mary Magdalen in 2009, Ayanna founded “The Path of the Magdalen” and “The Golden Chalice Mystery School”. She mentors both men and women in the teachings of Mary Magdalen and the Divine Feminine.

Deeply committed with a heart for service, over the past 30 years Ayanna, has taught thousands in higher education, public schools, churches, Goddess Temples, Bible schools, prisons, shelters and metaphysical centers. As an ordained minister and metaphysician, Ayanna has served children, the prison population, the homeless, victims of domestic violence, and the poorest of the poor in the U.S., Mexico, Cuba, and Jamaica.

During her mission trip to Cuba, many experienced spontaneous healings as songs of adoration for God poured from her lips.

In 2011, Rev Ayanna was invited to the American University in Cairo, Egypt to speak on the topics of Spirituality and Modern Day Relationships in the 21st Century.

Ayanna also facilitates Raw Cacao Ceremonies and plays the planetary Gong.

To schedule Ayanna Mojica for speaking engagements, workshops, seminars, retreats or officiate a wedding contact her at 949.395.3359 or visit her website at:


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