Learn to Speak with the Animals

LTSWTA VD Info Nov. 2015

Friday, November 14, 2015

1:30pm – 3:30pm

Visions & Dreams

2482 Newport Blvd., Costa Mesa, CA

Yes, you can communicate with animals! This class is open to anyone wanting to learn about animal communication and how to connect with animals at a deeper level. It’s designed to help you develop or expand upon that ability through learning about what animal communication is, how it works, and the perspective of animals. Learn how to open your heart and mind to receive animals’ messages. Exercises and individual attention to each participant’s learning process are provided in a safe, supportive, empowering environment. Each person is requested to bring a photo of an animal (alive or even those who have passed on) for each person to speak with them individually while Frances helps to fine-tune your reception skills to help build your confidence in your abilities.

Information and exercises:
• Overview
• How animals communicate
• The perspective of life from the animals’ point of view
• The spiritual essence of animals
• Psychic abilities: seeing, hearing, knowing, sensing, feeling (physical and emotional)
• How to communicate: basics
• Understanding your innate abilities
• Addressing blocks to clear communication
• Knowing yourself prior to communication
• Techniques for clearing the mind and focusing the heart

Cost: $40 per person/pre-paid directly to illusbyFWG@aol.com

Or $50 at the door

Price includes a copy of her new book “Learn to Speak with the Animals – By Developing Your Intuitive Abilities”

$25 for returning students attending for practice with the group

For more info please email Frances FrancesWGreenspan@gmail.com
or call (949) 412-9554




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