Ecstatic Breathwork Journey – Irvine


Ecstatic Breathwork Journey

with Amoraea Dreamseed

October 24th, 2015

7:30 – 10pm

The Goddess Temple of Orange County

17905 Sky Park Circle #A, Irvine, CA

Register here

Space is limited – WE SOLD OUT LAST 2 EVENTS, please reserve a space ASAP!

$35 PREPAY. $40 at the door….

Reserve here for $35:

Combining the power of Transformational Accelerated Breathwork with Amoraea’s alchemical shamanic guidance, this is a full death and rebirth into your Essence and Potency…. This is no regular breath session!

Conscious activation of our energy field through the breath brings us into direct connection with our Essential Core. Oxygen is a carrier wave for light to enter into our auric and cellular body to raise our vibrational state and transmit our intentions into the Universal Field. Voyage together into vast and magnificent explorations of our body’s capacity to self-organize, heal, and re-pattern itself into a higher state through breath, sound, and movement. This journey will create an intimate awareness that allows the unconscious, unseen forces inside you to express themselves through the portal of the body and breath.

Come be held in a field of light for your True Self to embody
Every thought was born to be transcended.
Every fear was designed to be liberated

Dive into Your Inner Sea of Untapped Potential
Harness the courage to break through limited patterns
Enter Ecstatic States & Total Rejuvenation
Surrender into True Vulnerablity
Awaken Life Purpose & Clarity
~ Get Liberated ! ~

Questions?  Contact Amoraea directly at

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