Sacred Voices in Laguna Beach!

SV at Mystic Arts

Thursday, August 20th

Mystic Arts Gallery

664 South Coast Highway

Laguna Beach

Every 3rd Thursday

A celebration of the expressive sacred voice as demonstrated in the healing arts.

Open poetry reading

7pm Meet & greet

7:30 – 9pm Poetry & sharing

John Gardiner  MEME

Sacred Voices is a small group of artist-educators. We provide arts experiences with the intention to empower and honor the sacred voices of people everywhere, of any ages. We provide experiences in writing (both prose and poetry), reading aloud, painting, drawing, handmade books, singing, rhythm, movement, and more. We also offer performance and audience participation activities. As our name implies, we respect and nurture human expression for its sacred nature, beyond creed, denomination or affiliation.

Terrell Washington Anansi, Author of Echoes and Ashes

Echoes and Ashes Project

Echoes and Ashes is a  project highlighting the transformational journey and visionary quest for world  healing.

TWA profile PIC BLUETerrell is a hair designer, model, singer and video artist, performance artist, teacher of critical thinking skills, editor, sustainable book maker and visual artist, spiritual warrior and defender of truth and sacred life…an upcycle artist of the human spirit fighting for the low-income population and minorities, women and children, the homeless, people of color, gays and humans who are traumatized from our modern world. He is a third generational griot, the keeper of knowledge, poetic and mystical magic, a revolutionary artist who has become an evolutionay artist of change and vision…a spiritual being experiencing a human experience, a human, being.

We are our own heroes and we should celebrate in  the spirit of creativity as we sing our individual stories and share our individual sacred voices so the world choir can be heard in all its fullness. Every song and every voice matters.

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