Cacao, the Sensual Elixir: Ceremony Under the Stars

Cacao Ceremony under the StarsCacao, the Sensual Elixir: Ceremony Under the Stars

Wednesday, August 12, 2015
7:00 – 11:00 PM PST

Facilitated by: Ayanna, Avatar of Love

Register at:

Hosted by Adelaide
“Creation Station”
Ocean Beach, CA
Address provided upon registration

There’s something about that first bite of premier raw dark chocolate or the first sip of warm raw cacao elixir. The first inhale or creamy liquid on the tongue sends me into that feel good “sexy” mood. All senses go on high alert. Then, when further indulged, when I drink the whole cup or nibble on the entire mini bar, I visit HEAVEN and take a journey deeper into my heart.

Yep, my Puerto Rican passion comes out and I take a few extra rhumba steps…but then again I love Raw Dark Chocolate and one of the ways I share my joy and passion is by offering heart-opening Raw Cacao Ceremonies.

$30 For first 5 registered guests
$40 Pre-registration by August 11th
$44 Day of Registration

Beloved, Come. Join us!  How sensual can you get?

Raw Ceremonial Grade Cacao with a hint of something special.

This time we go deeper…..

Will it be Spicy Maya ~ or Dark? Ravishing ~ or Sweet Seductive?
~ A Warm Cinnamon Embrace ~ or an Infusion of Cayenne and Chile with just enough Heat to Melt your Heart?

Yes, that’s the intent ~ a Warm Melted Heart

Beloved, Come. Join us! A Balmy summer night ~ Cozy under the stars.

Open to the inner journey. Surrender to the dreamy night.

Gently explore your inner Lover.

Deepen. Mellow is the vibe. Hearts wide open is our intention.

What to bring: Pillow, sleeping bag, yoga mat, blanket and lots of water. Futons are welcome. We will be outdoors on the ground.

What to wear: White comfortable clothing. Layer for outdoors.

About our Raw Cacao:
We will drink Guatemalan ceremonial grade raw cacao infused with natural spices.

The Maya used Cacao in ceremonial settings. It was believed that the Spirit of Cacao had the power to unlock and reveal the secrets of the soul.

Many consider Cacao to be a sacred plant with potent healing properties. Sacred Cacao assists in accessing our physical, mental, emotional, intuitive and energetic bodies.

Heart-centered ceremonial grade Cacao is a profound group facilitator of inner change and outer creativity. It is a powerful heart opener; a deep yet gentle transformational agent, and helps one get in touch with the heart energies in magical ways. Raw Cacao can assist us to connect to the Higher Self, to our higher guidance, and to the loving love energy of transmutation and healing.

Register at:

Here are a few benefits of Cacao.

Spiritual Benefits:

  • Assist to connect with Higher Self, inner guidance

  • Opens Heart

  • Expands Mind

  • Gentle Transformation

  • Experience More Love

Health Benefits:

  • Super Food Extraordinaire

  • Protein and healthy fats

  • Rich in magnesium

  • Contains vitamin C, natural sulfur, B-complex vitamins and iron.

  • Increases blood flow

  • Adds vitality and energy to our bodies

  • Contains powerful anti-oxidants

  • Boost the immune system

  • Safe and Gentle Aphrodisiac

Some important guidelines before attending the ceremony:

  • Drink LOTS of water

  • No or very low caffeine taken the day of the ceremony.

  • No heavy foods 3 hours prior to attending.

  • For those on any anti-depressants, severe pain medication, have MS or major heart problems, please consult with your doctor first, or contact me prior to you registering.

Register at:

Ayanna Mojica, Avatar of Love HEARTAyanna Mojica, “Avatar of Love”, holds a Masters in Fine Arts, Bachelors Degree in Dance, and a California Teaching Credential. She is an Author, Humanitarian, International Speaker, Performance Artist, Sacred Musician, Gifted Seer and Intuitive.

After a profound visitation from Mary Magdalen in 2009, Ayanna founded The Path of the Magdalen and The Golden Chalice Mystery School. She mentors both men and women in the teachings of Mary Magdalen and the Divine Feminine.

Deeply committed with a heart for service, over the past 30 years Ayanna, has taught thousands in higher education, public schools, churches, Goddess Temples, Bible schools, prisons, shelters and metaphysical centers. As an ordained minister and metaphysician, Ayanna has served children, the prison population, the homeless, victims of domestic violence, and the poorest of the poor in the U.S., Mexico, Cuba, and Jamaica.

During her mission trip to Cuba, many experienced spontaneous healings as songs of adoration for God poured from her lips.

In 2011, Rev Ayanna was invited to the American University in Cairo, Egypt to speak on the topics of Spirituality and Modern Day Relationships in the 21st Century.

Ayanna also facilitates Raw Cacao Ceremonies and plays the planetary Gong.

To schedule Ayanna Mojica for speaking engagements, workshops, seminars, retreats or officiate a wedding contact her at 949.395.3359or visit her website at:

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