Instagram: Bring Back the Goddess!

Bring Back the Goddess

Elephant Journal article by Sara Sophia Eisenman

Dear Instagram,

You have recently banned the hashtag #goddess without any explanation, while the hashtag #god remains intact with over 90 million searchable uses.

I am not quite certain you know what this word #goddess, and more precisely its suppression/omission, really means to my sisters, to humanity, to this Earth—particularly at this critical time, as humanity stands poised at on the knife’s edge between redemption and self-destruction.

The feminine aspect of the divine, aka #goddess, holds a space of unconditional love for all beings, healthy feminine sexuality and identity, healthy and empowered motherhood—and Her wisdom and love births and runs through every living thing. She is the soil from which the garden of life grows. Life simply cannot thrive when She is suppressed; it withers in sadness and confusion.

CLICK HERE to read the rest of the article by Sara Sophia Eisenmen at Elephant Journal

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