Alchemical Marriage Ceremony – Irvine

Goddess Temple OC

Sunday, August 9th ~ 7:30pm – 10pm
The Alchemical Marriage Ceremony
with Amoraea Dreamseed
The Goddess Temple of Orange County
17905 Skypark Circle #A, Irvine, California 92614
The True Marriage is to the Divine Within
Come be held in a field of light for your deepest communion to unfold!
Space is limited ~ Register now!

Through ceremonial invocation, Ecstatic Breathwork, guided visualizations, Lightbody techniques, and Grace from our Ascendant Selves, we will imbibe in an Energetic Transmission that will bring a sustained shift in your consciousness.

Breathing behind every other relationship is the ultimate Communion with our Creator Source. Tonight’s ceremony will consecrate that eternal tantric courtship as we lay ourselves upon the Altar of Divine Love. Dissolve every pathway, burn every bridge, and cross the threshold into ecstatic rapture. Discover what it means to be ‘Mastered by Love.’ Experience true Fulfillment & Absorption into the wholeness your were born from.

Tools and Experience this evening will include:
Sacred Movements invoking the Infinite Within
Clearing personal and planetary subconscious imprints
Direct access to the Divine through dissolution of the Ego
Activation of the 3 Lotus Centers
Embodiment of Form & Formless Spiritual Traditions

Amoraea’s focus on experiential transfiguration and core-level shifts of our fundamental blueprint have resulted in the birth of numerous courses, retreats, and ceremonies such as the new “Divine Human” Trainings, “The Alchemical Marriage,” and “Temple of the Void” ceremonies. His wisdom teachings provide direct access and answers to questions such as ‘How do we access our soul’s inherent perfection,’ ‘What is the recipe for radical self-awareness,’ ‘What is the process of incarnating into our fully embodied Authentic Self,’ and ‘How do we steward our ‘Divine Human Blueprint’?
Equally expressed in his writings, visionary art and music is the acceleration of both personal and planetary evolution through higher-dimensional awareness and ‘The Ensoulment Process.’ His Intensive Trainings emphasize becoming an evolutionary ambassador in this time of Great Awakening with an understanding that the Re-enchantment and Restoration of the Earth can only happen with a complete transfiguration into the Divinized Self.
(831) 345 – 2430

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