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About Anaya Indigo

Anaya Indigo MEMEMy life’s passion is seeing my clients transform. Helping you heal by uncovering your fullest potential and learning just how powerful you really are. How powerful all of us really are! 

I am an intuitive empath with a background in Shamanic studies, Reiki, life coaching, meditation, pranayam(breath) techniques and Tantra Yoga. I began studying the healing arts as a result of my own healing journey. Enraptured Reiki brings together the most effective healing methods that I have been blessed enough to experience and will provide you with a complete package to help you shine your brightest. Reiki is amazing compliment to most all other healing modalities. Every session with me will include Reiki energy work.

Contact Anaya today at (949)342-8582 or email at:

Book straight from the website at:

Currently doing outcall and distance reiki sessions.

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