Beginning Meditation in Irvine!

Yoga Sunset Pink MEME

Beginning Meditation 6 week practice

Tuesdays, 7pm – 8:15pm

Beginning June 30

Irvine, CA – Address upon registration

We will be meeting weekly for 6 weeks. It is perfectly ok if you can’t make it to every meeting.

Each week we will learn, and practice one of each of the following:

-Breathing Technique

-Visualization Technique

-Meditation Technique

$20 per class or
$100 for all 6 weeks when paid in advance
Paypal to:

If you have been interested in starting your own meditation practices, but weren’t sure where to start. This will be perfect for you! When you learn to still the mind you are able to set clear intention, and pave your own way in life.

When you strengthen the energy field around you through breathing, and mediation. You are transforming yourself into a magnet, and syncing yourself up with the universal energy. You will be placing your intentions into a calm ocean, instead of a turbulent one. Where it can get swallowed up by the chaos of the waves.

The practice of meditation is medicine for the mind, body, and soul. It does not belong to any religion, it does not require the belief in anything but your own capability to calm the mind.

A still mind is the secret weapon of success in any venture you take on. I can’t wait to embark on this amazing adventure!

Half of the price per session will go to women affected by sex crimes. This is near, and dear to my heart. In saying that if price is an issue, you are still welcome. The practice of meditation is your right as a human being, I would love to share in your knowledge receiving regardless of money!

Enraptured Reiki

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