Sacred Voices & Love Chutney – Irvine

1st Fridays INSTAGRAM

Sacred Voices presents…..The Meeting Place for musicians, sound healers and performers. Facilitated by Terrell Washington Anansi.

1st Fridays – Terrell Washington Anansi and the Sacred Voices team will be at the Temple of Light OC on first Fridays!

A celebration of the expressive sacred voice as demonstrated in the healing arts. Open poetry reading with a featured reader performed with live music of Love Chutney, a fusion of Indian classical, kirtan and new age music.

Terrell will be reading from his new book, Echoes and Ashes to the musical stylings of Love Chutney.

Also, book making with the Sacred Voices team, Cathy Wilson and Cecile Claude.

The Meeting Place was created to be the change you want to see and be in the world.

Love Chutney BIO RED

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