Kristyn Fletcher Fundraiser at Selma’s

Eat Dough Raise DoughSelma’s Ladera Ranch will dontate 40% of your total check to benefit the Fletcher family.  Dine in or take it out, all you have to do is eat!

 DONATE directly to Kristyn’s Fund

Kristyn Fletcher, a wife and mother of 4, is a dedicated Kindergarten teacher of SVUSD. She is battling stage IV metastatic signet ring cell carcinoma. It is a very rare form of incurable appendix cancer. Kristyn has already had 2 major surgeries to remove tumors and is starting her 14th round of horiffic chemotherapy. The school district that Kristyn has worked for over 20 years is terminating her in May of 2015. They refuse to provide medical benefits after May and at this stage of the disease her proper medical care is the difference between life and death!! She is unable to go back into the classroom right now due to her vigorous chemo schedule and doctor visits. She will no longer have insurance provided by the district. To ensure her medical needs, Kristyn will need to purchase insurance through COBRA. This insurance is quite expensive. This has been a very trying time for Kristyn and her family. I am hoping this fundraiser will provide some relief of financial constrants that the COBRA insurance will cause.

Kristyn needs to focus on fighting for another day…not how will she pay for the chemo and doctor visits. Please help in any way that you can!!! HELP us help Kristyn fight for another day!

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