Twin Flames or Soul Mates? Who? Why?

Twin Flames or Soul Mates

Twin Flames or Soul Mates?

Who are they?
Why do they come together?
What is their purpose?

Thursday, January 15, 2015
6:00 – 7:00 PM PST
Global Tele-Seminar
Register at:

Ayanna Mojica, Avatar of Love, will share her personal Love story and encounter with her “Twin Flame” and the deeper meaning and clearer understanding of Twin Flames and Soul Mates.

“Many people speak of meeting their Soul Mate, but they do not know what they are saying.” When Soul Mates/Twin Flames meet there is a light and fire between them, and they give birth to something new in the world and are a blessing on the world.” (St Mary Magdalene: The Gnostic Tradition of the Holy Bride)

Register at:

Ayanna Mojica, Avatar of Love HEART

Ayanna Mojica, MFA, is the “Avatar of Love.” She is a Spiritual Teacher, Leader, and Artist, Global Cultural Ambassador, Author, Humanitarian, and Teacher of Conscious Intimacy and Awakened Sexuality. Ayanna, Avatar of Love, is the Radio Show Host for “The Voice of the Magdalen” broadcast and a Priestess of The Magdalen. A New Thought Leader, Ayanna founded The Path of the Magdalen, based upon the teachings inspired by a direct “visitation” from Mary Magdalen in 2009.
She authored Deep Treasures: Exploring the Dynamic Relationship Between Sex and Money and is currently completing two books, Twin Flames From Beyond the Veil: A True Mystical Love Story, inspired by the transition of her Beloved; and The Path of the Magdalen: The Magdalen Egyptian Isis Lineage of Sacred Sexual Alchemy. 
In 2011, Rev Ayanna was invited to the American University in Cairo, Egypt to speak on the topics of Spirituality and “Modern Day Relationships in the 21stCentury.”
A passionate lover of the arts Ayanna “came out of the womb dancing.” She holds advanced degrees in dance and fine arts and has completed postgraduate work in Expressive Arts Therapy, Coaching, Consulting and Education at the European Graduate School, Saas Fee Switzerland.
Deeply spiritual with a heart for service, over the past 30 years Ayanna, a credentialed teacher and ordained minister, has taught thousands in higher education, public schools, churches, Goddess Temples, Bible schools, prisons, shelters and metaphysical centers. As a minister and metaphysician, Ayanna has served children, the prison population, homeless, victims of domestic violence, and the poorest of the poor.
Ever evolving, Ayanna enjoys creating intimate sacred gatherings integrating Raw Cacao and The Planetary Gong Baths. An artist and gifted intuitive channel, Ayanna is inspired to co-create the New Earth Paradigm with other New Renaissance artists, healers, multi-talented entrepreneurs, and visionaries.

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