Rejuvenate – Refresh – Detox – Uplift Your Spirit!!!

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This workshop will bring together deep rejuvenation on all FOUR LEVELS OF EXISTENCE.  What this means is that, of course, we are composed of more than just our physical bodies.  In order to truly create lasting change within ourselves and our lives, we must affect change at all levels of our being.  These four levels are physical, emotional, mental, and energetic (or spiritual / soul). It is a domino affect, and when all four come into alignment, true miracles can occur. John and Eden, along with Steve and Ava, will guide you in a powerful day of deep healing, opening, connection and rejuvenation to shift these four levels to a higher state of awareness and being, leaving you transformed, alive and awake to what’s possible in your life.

Here’s just a sample of what the day will include…

– Invigorate your physical energy and detox with living foods and deliciously healthy ‘green’ smoothies
– Temp your tastebuds with a freshly prepared, live organic lunch and healthy snacks
– Gain insights into the power of raw, organic and living foods, and learn ways to incorporate them into your life for more vibrant living
– Be guided in gentle yoga and body movement to re-invigorate your body

– Fortify your mental energy through powerful kundalini and shamanic breath work
– Calm the mind through guided meditations and quiet contemplation in lush gardens and beautiful surroundings
– Learn about the polarity of the mind and how we can release the thoughts that spin us off our center

– Rejuvenate your emotional energy by releasing the weight of disappointments or traumatic events from this last year (or years!)
– Dive deep into your heart and re-find your center through powerful guided meditations, journaling, and reflection in nature
– Learn how the inner space of the heart can unlock a powerful path to manifesting what you truly desire

– Renew your spiritual energy and receive a deep energetic cleansing of your chakra system and energy body, allowing you to feel fully free to move forward in a new direction in your life
– Learn how your physical and energetic body holds the key to powerful manifestations
– Step outside of time and into powerful ceremonies to call in your highest destiny and desires for 2015
In addition…
 the day will include plenty of time to connect with nature, spend time meandering the gorgeous grounds and lush gardens, lounging poolside, and relishing in the beauty you’ll be surrounded in!

We guarantee you’ll leave with your BODY refreshed, your MIND clear, your HEART happy, and your SOUL full!

:  $188 per person
SPECIAL: BRING A FRIEND and receive $20 off the 2 tickets!
(Total of $356. Email us for special discount link)
Tickets are non-refundable. This is a rain or shine event!

Click here to REGISTER

TIME: 9am – 6pm
LOCATION: The Mermaid Mansion, Topanga Canyon
(30 mins from downtown LA, 1.25 hours from Orange County)
IMPORTANT:  We begin at 9:00am SHARP. Please be respectful of the group and plan to be there by 8:30am to park, check-in, find your space and get settled before we begin.

Upon registration additional details including address, parking instructions, and what to bring will be included.

Space is limited and this event will sell out!

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