Awakened Sacred Sexuality ONLINE Conference

Awakened Sacred Sexuality MEME

There was once a time when hidden sexual “secrets” were only available to the world’s elite and most powerful members of advanced ancient societies.

On the Dawn of the New Golden Age, or the Age of Aquarius, these “secrets” have become more accessible and are being revealed to those of us ready for greater spiritual and personal advancement.

We are now reclaiming the sacredness and power of our sexual energy ~ also known as the “Life Force Energy”.

Where does this energy come from and what would it take to cultivate and master sexual passion and fire in today’s world?

Ayanna, Avatar of Love
Frank Mondeose
Luba Saraswati Sophia Evans-Zion

During our three part series our expert teachers, leaders and mystics will touch on:

Sacred Union
Lust Over Love
Power, Money and Sex
Sexual Mastery and Our Environment
Astral Travel
Sex Magic
Accessing Portals to Higher Realms
Sacred Sexuality and Visionary Leadership
Feminine/Masculine Energy
Egyptian Isis Lineage of Sacred Sexual Alchemy
The Magdalen-Yeshua Sexual Mysticism
The Importance of the Priestess/Priest During These Times

We look forward to sharing with our International Community.

Please share and invite your family, friends and lovers to join us for these powerful teachings.

“Our journey here on Earth is not about achieving enlightenment, but about bringing enlightened energy into every aspect of our lives ~ including our sexuality.” ~ Ayanna, Avatar of Love

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