Love and Cacao: A New Moon Sacred Ceremony

Love and Cacao

Love & Cacao

A New Moon Sacred Ceremony

Infused with the Energy of Magdalen and Yeshua in Sacred Union

Saturday, October 25, 2014

7:00 – 10:00 PM

Encinitas, CA


Click here to register:

Join us for an intimate New Moon Love Journey with Guatemalan Ceremonial Grade Raw Cacao.

Our sacred circle is limited to 6 participants.

This Love and Cacao Ceremony will take us on an intimate journey deep into the Sacred Heart to prepare us for the New Year of Ascended Love and Sacred Union.

The Feminine Spirit of Sacred Cacao, the “Food of the Gods” and the Twin Flames and Avatars of Love, Magdalen and Yeshua, will be our true facilitators.

What to bring: Please bring pillow, blanket and water.

What to wear: Ceremonial whites.

As we drink the Raw Cacao Elixir of Love we will set the intention for Ascended Love and Sacred Union. We will journey on the Sacred Soundscape of the Chiron Gong and breath. The sound will guide us as we call on the Feminine Spirit of Cacao and the energy of the Avatars of Love, Magdalena and Yeshua.

We will drink an elixir of Guatemalan ceremonial grade raw cacao mixed with natural spices.

The Maya used Cacao in ceremonial settings.

It was believed that the Spirit of Cacao had the power to unlock and reveal the secrets of the soul.

Many consider Cacao to be a sacred plant with potent healing properties.

Sacred Cacao assists in accessing our physical, mental, emotional, intuitive and energetic bodies.

Heart-centered ceremonial grade Cacao is a profound group facilitator of inner change and outer creativity.

It is a powerful heart opener; a deep yet gentle transformational agent, and helps one get in touch with the heart energies in magical ways.
Raw Cacao can assist us to connect to the Higher Self, to our higher guidance, and to the loving love energy of transmutation and healing.

Here are a few benefits of Cacao.

Spiritual Benefits:

Assist to connect with Higher Self, inner guidance

Opens Heart

Expands Mind

Gentle Transformation

Experience More Love

Health Benefits:

Super Food Extraordinaire

Protein and healthy fats

Rich in magnesium

Contains vitamin C, natural sulfur, B-complex vitamins and iron.

Increases blood flow

Adds vitality and energy to our bodies

Contains powerful anti-oxidants

Boost the immune system

Safe and Gentle Aphrodisiac

Some important guidelines before attending the ceremony:
No or very low caffeine take the day of the ceremony.
No heavy foods 3 hours prior to attending.
For those on any anti-depressants, severe pain medication, have MS or major heart problems, please consult with your doctor first, or contact me prior to you registering.

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