Magdalen Sacred Womb Empowerment

Magdalen Sacred Womb Empowerment

Register at:

Deepen into breath.

Release Womb trauma imposed by family, religion or society

Break Ancestral womb curses

Hands on activation

Prepare for Yoni of Pearls

Soften Into the Feminine

Foot washing

Anointing with Special Oil

Receive: Magdalen Womb Empowerment, Activation & Transmission

Many women hold toxic energies in the womb area . This can deplete our energy and create a “hard” edge about us, cause challenges with intimacy, and shut down our capacity for deep sensual expression. Through ceremony, movement, and various energy exercises we will clear the womb and prepare our sacred chamber to become a “Yoni of Pearls”.

We will sweat and do deep work.

 Wear comfortable light clothing.


Water bottle

Delicious light vegan meal to share

Item for altar to represent your Sacred Womb

Fresh flowers


Fresh change of clothing


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