Sacred Geometry Online Conference is Saturday!

PTA Sacred G sept 20

You do not want to miss this lineup of speakers and the opportunity to be in commUNITY all day Saturday!  Register:  PORTALTOASCENSION.ORG

Core Love flyer

Sacred G will instantly establish a connection with the individual cells in your body by emitting a vibration like a radio wave:
Core Love is the Creator of Sacred G Technology, a natural energy boosting technology based on Sacred Geometry and has sold over 2.5 million Sacred G Posters. Core Love is also the founder of Life Mastery, a revolutionary approach to natural health and peak performance.

Core Love has dedicated the last 19 years to the research and development of vibrational technology and new energy healing techniques. Core Love’s main focus is on performance enhancements by unlocking higher senses and abilities, normally referred to as psychic or natural phenomanons.

Core Love will be unveiling some of the secrets to what Sacred Geometry is and how he unlocked the power of Sacred Geometry in his latest Vibrational Technology and Energy Techniques that look, feel and work like real Magic.

Sacred Geometry has been embedded in our Earth history and origins since the beginning of creation. All organic and non-organic matter is designed through sacred geometrical equations that govern the physics of the Universe. All ancient civilizations used Sacred Geometry to represent a part of their society and spirituality. There is a hidden knowledge contained within these platonic solids that the ancients knew about and used.

Please join us as we study in detail the fabric of creation through Sacred Geometry:

Saturday September 20 2014 • ONLINE
10:30 AM to 6:30 PM Pacific Standard Time

Samuel Kiwasz • Dan Winter • Peter Sterling • Core Love


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