Social Media in the Feminine Business Paradigm

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Presented by:
Ayanna, Avatar of Love, Founder of The Path of the Magdalen

Tonya Fitzpatrick, CEO of Energetic Marketing Services

Taught by women inspired to support new and expanding female entrepreneurs who desire to “effectively build their businesses and get the word out to their ideal clients”
This online seminar is for those who are:
1. Too busy to spend time with Social Media
2. On a steep technology and Social Media learning curve
3. Needing an extra push to create and build your business
What would it take to build a successful business using the most powerful and effective skill natural to women?
What would it take to effectively leverage the internet to expand your reach and build a heart-centered business?
What would it take to get the word out through Social Media to find the vibrational match for your true “Soul Mate Clients”?
Read what Tonya has to share about her passion to serve you.
“Energetic Marketing Services is heart-centered promotion for your business & events.
It is my passion and joy to synergistically co-create with those whose mission it is to help others. My ideal clients are Holistic practitioners and Spiritual entrepreneurs with a need for increased web presence in social media marketing.
I genuinely want to see YOU succeed and put my *heart* into what I am doing. I get a feel for my clients’ individuality and custom tailor material to suit their needs. I do this with my intuitive ability to craft colorful, unique promotional materials designed to connect with your audience. “
Are you inspired by Tonya’s passion and enthusiasm? Well I am!
Here’s what I have to say about Tonya Fitzpatrick:
Have you ever met someone who just blows you away with their passion? With the talents, compassion, high energy, professionalism and ability to graciously interact with people? Tonya is just that kind of amazing woman with talents bursting from her every pore and a deep knowing of how to take people to the next level of marketing and promotion through her effective and transformational services. Tonya exemplifies the dynamic combination of heart, spirit, professionalism, business, joy and talent. I highly recommend the work of Tonya Fitzpatrick, Founder of Energetic Marketing Services.” – Rev. Ayanna Mojica, Founder The Path of the Magdalen
Are you ready? We invite you to join us, register now!
Integrating practical and energetic tools, Ayanna and Tonya are inspired to share their expertise. We will show you how to effectively get your message out and build your business using the Feminine Business Paradigm with the most powerful and natural skill we women possess ~ social relating at the heart level.
What will we cover?
What is the Feminine Business Paradigm?
What are the most powerful feminine business practices that when used, will create a win-win energy vortex for you and your team?
What is Social Media and what are fun and effective strategies for using this amazing platform?
Ayanna and Tonya will joyfully share practical, energetic and spiritual tools that you can implement immediately.
We look forward to helping you create your win-win Social Media vortex in the Feminine Business Paradigm.
Joyfully Yours,
Ayanna and Tonya

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