5 Steps to Creating a Successful Event


1.  Ideally, if you already have an established book of clients and contact list, events should be planned 2 months in advance.  It takes time to get all your marketing in place. Begin talking to your client base about the topic and gauge the interest.  This might be by starting a Meetup group or joining a few others.  Attend others’ events.  Establish your name with groups of seeking individuals. Spend time making sure people know who you are.  Meet and greet as much as possible.  Others must see you and feel your energy before they have any idea whether they want to spend their valuable time and money with you.  Try to get a feel for how many people would spend time and money learning more about your topic or experiencing your service.  Create a list that is 10 times larger than the amount of people you want to attract to your event.  This step is vitally important.

2.  Once you have defined your audience, topic and material outline, you will need to find a venue. Most places require a security deposit and you will want to feel confident that you have enough people committed to attending such an event before you invest in a large venue.  Sometimes the venue will help with the promotion, but don’t count on this – it is just a bonus!  Ultimately, it is YOUR energy that will draw people to the event, not the venue.

3.  Finalize your promotional materials.   You should have flyers, both in print form and electronic.  You’ll need to find the best way to reach your audience, whether that be via your website, email, Facebook, Meetup or print media. Sweep all the social media sites including Instagram and Twitter.  Create your own buzz!

4.  Attend community events such as Holistic Fairs to develop your audience.  Collect names and contact information of the people that seem to resonate with your energy.  Talk about your event.

5.  Do some public speaking and hand out your flyers.  Network. Give people a taste of what you offer.   Like a “free sample”!

If you try to skip Step 1, you stand a chance of finding yourself in an empty room.  That is not what you want to create.  So first, before you start thinking about finding your venue, find your audience!

If you would like help with promotional materials and marketing your event, contact me!

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